About us


Coldskin was established in Amsterdam in 1994. We are offering quality products for professional use.

This is our full occupation – it is not an internet shop or a side business while during the day we are working somewhere else. We have staff, offices & warehouses and are delivering from stock.

We are not offering a lot of the same like many of the tattoo-supermarkets nowadays do.

For us it is not about offering everything possible but we rather present and support a carefully selected choice of products and brands that we trust the quality and service off.

We have the in-house knowledge.

This is why there is a big difference between buying a tattoo machine from us and buying it from a tattoo-supermarket: We can advise you better about what may be more suitable for your hand size / your kind of work / speed of work / etc. Try to ask a tattoo-supermarket any technical question about tuning a machine or about a machine part…

We are not selling any knockoff products or cheap copies of original products.

We have no respect for suppliers that do offer such copies – it is highly damaging to originality and earlier investments of others.

We do not promote our products with empty slogans (like “The best .... in the world” or “The best and longest tattoo needle bevel in the world”) – try our products and you will see for yourself that we are offering great value for your money.

We are not offering products that we do not trust the benefit of working / using of.

For example: Aftercare products should be proven to support faster and better healing and not just be heavily promoted products of sponsored artists claiming the product being the best & only in the world. Producers of aftercare products should be able to present educated studies which prove that their product is doing the work they say it does.

We apply this way of thinking and working to all of our products.

We understand that a lot of people are attracted to the tattoo world and would like to start tattooing themselves. We have the "old school" way of thinking, believing in long term investment in drawing and learning from an experienced tattoo artist (and not in ordering a cheap machine & supplies from a tattoo-supermarket for tattooing girlfriends and neighbors to practice).

Thank you for shopping with us.